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Living The Dream One Day At A Time

What happens in a day in the life of a flight attendant?

Well, this morning my husband dropped me off at work (this is called Princess Parking!), I walked through the turnstile (also know as the people shredder and if you’ve ever tried to get through one with any luggage, you would know why) and off to where I check in (this is classified but I can tell you that it includes walking, a train, a people mover, some stairs and door codes, more walking and some more codes).

Now that I know you are really excited, there is some more walking. I can never figure out why so many flight attendants are on the chunky side with all of this activity. I guarantee you it’s the constant junk food that we are forced to stuff in our mouths as quickly as possible during the few seconds before or after the passengers are boarded or while walking to the next aircraft. Of course, I have learned to bring my own food. I have red pepper humus, Montgomery Inn pulled pork, Laughing Cow cheese and some gluten-free bread I made last night among other things. Of course, I did see that McDonald’s has a new Big Mac wrap if that’s your thing. *frowning*

I did have a really good flight from Cincinnati to NYC. I have a great flight crew that I am working with and the passengers were a lot of fun and very diverse, my favorite. Two particularly nice people were two young ladies from Germany. So sweet when they walked on the plane, telling me hello like they were actually happy to be there. I love that. Next, we are off to Chicago. Too bad I’m not there long enough to go into the city.

One thing that I do love about my job is that I consider myself PR for the company (lucky for them, I love my job and avoid the negative stuff), I would love to be able to speak 6 different language (now, I speak bits and pieces of 6 different languages), and I would love to have the room to have parties (now, I have guests a day that I get to cater to). I love staying in hotels, flying on aircraft and traveling all over so what a great job for me!

I don’t get paid a lot and it’s not always easy but last month, I got to go to Italy! I certainly cannot complain. Right now, I am sitting at Kennedy waiting for a late aircraft, which gives me time to sit and write this so again, I can’t complain.