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Cincinnati Ballet: Ballet & Beer, New Works

Last week, I went to my first Beer & Ballet night at the Cincinnati Ballet. Ballet, Beer and Me


Each week the Cincinnati Ballet will hold a special more intimate opportunity to see a glimpse into the upcoming production. Starting tonight last night, Thursday, September 10th, New Works is a production of local choreographers and musicians debuting their current work here. Also a special return by Italian choreographer Luca Veggetti. This program runs through September 20th.


I wasn’t sure what to expect and surprised in more than one way. Reservations are recommended but not required. Considering that the event was sold out, I highly suggest making a reservation. Your name will be on a list as you come into the building where you are given a ticket to go up stairs and watch a preview of the upcoming show. Get there early for a good seat although I didn’t see anywhere that would be a problem.


After the “rough draft” of what you will be viewing, you have the option of sticking around to watch the instructor critique each move. While you and I see possible perfection, this particular audience only see what should be. It’s an amazing creative process and the dancers seem only eager to get it right.


After the performance, catered appetizers along with beer, wine, soda and bottled water are available complimentary to enjoy while mingling with other ballet friends. Once the dancers have finished and changed, they join the gathering for a chance to meet everyone. I had the opportunity to talk to Heather, one of the instructors and a few of the dancers. Not only talented on the stage I thought that the dancers were kind and professional, not at all pretentious. Another surprise was to see a Mom with her baby and other small children. Next month, I will surely bring my own son.


The entire evening was new for me. I have been to the ballet before, I have loved the ballet for years. And, thanks to movies like Center Stage and books from such as the American Ballet Theatre in NYC, I know a bit more about the ballet that some. What one sees in front of their own eyes though cannot compare with such things. When you watch the dancers out of formal costume in this venue, you can physically see the strength, the power and the feeling behind each move. Behind each note. Knowing the steps is not enough. Feeling each beat of the music, each pause of every frame makes a great dancer and a perfect ballet.