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Are All Italians Nice?

Yesterday on the plane, I had a passenger that walked on with a piece of luggage that was too big for the aircraft so I pointed to the jetway for him to leave it there. When I began to tell him that he could pick it up when we got to our destination, he looked like he didn’t know what I was talking about. A brief interaction discovered that he was Italian and I was speaking too quickly.

TIP: I know from experience to learn hello, goodbye, thank you, where’s the…bathroom, food, museum, and “speak more slowly please”.

Immediately I was excited and determined to let he and his wife (?) know where to pick up their suitcase. Since my Italian is not that versed yet and I didn’t have use of my Google Translate, I got out my handy 4 language guide that I carry with me on the job at all times. (Comes in handy when you work NYC most of the time) I managed to write down: Buon gior no. Mi chiamo Christina. La valigia accanto la aero Detroit. Grazie!

If you don’t speak Italian either, it just says “Hello. My name is Christina. The suitcase next to plane Detroit. Thank you!” OK, not the best grammar but come on I wrote a brief not that they understood in less than two minutes using a tourist book and at least 4 different pages. Not bad, I think!P7162255

We were able to talk a little bit between my limited Italian and their English and they were so kind and gracious. I had time to show them some pictures of a trip that my husband and I took recently to Italy and they were so excited at the journey we took. They also asked if they could send me some pictures of their trip. Yeah! I love pictures.

Of course when they were getting off of the plane, I got a typical double kiss on the cheeks from the woman and a courteous handshake from the man. This is the same response that we got from everyone on our trip, which leads me to wonder if all Italians are this nice?