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Letter To Cincinnati

Dear Cincinnati,

I would really like to have a pastry but I can’t find any freshly baked gluten-free ones and I don’t have time to bake any this morning! Can someone please get right on that? I can find them everywhere in Italy, so why not here??

Thanks for having them ready for us very soon.

Yours truly,


Cincinnati Women Bloggers Meeting: Cincinnati Ballet

Today’s Cincinnati Women Blogger meeting was held at the Cincinnati Ballet.

First of all, let me thank Terry Honebrink, Group Relations Coordinator for the Cincinnati Ballet for hosting the meeting and allowing us the opportunity to tour the building. ballet

After a great meeting where we were able to discuss the pro’s and con’s of a recently past blogging conference (BlogHer 2009) held this year in Chicago, Illinois, the attention was passed on to Mrs. Honebrink. Her enthusiasm, rightfully so, for the ballet and especially the Cincinnati Ballet, is inspiring. Terry also has a daughter that dances for the company and understands the dedication and passion that is required of this group of talented individuals.

Did you kn ow that Cincinnati is one of only 8 states in the entire country that has their own ballet company, opera and symphony. The ballet was founded in 1958 by Nancy Bauer, Virginia Garrett and Myrl Laurence and was originally called the Cincinnati Civic Ballet.

Please read more about the Cincinnati Ballet and check into the amazing schedule that they have for the upcoming season with opening day on September 10th!

The Swine Is Safe Again!

Dear piggy,

The CDC cleared your name today stating that there is NO connection between this latest strain of Influenza and contact with swine. It is now being called H1N1 as it was in 1976.

So, the question now is “Who named this flu in the first place?” According to www.haverford.edu, it is due to the fact that scientists believe that the strain is from the recombination of influenza viruses from different sources, such as from a human and from a swine.

They also go on to say,”The influenza virus is relatively unique in its ability to change its H and N molecules, called antigenic shift. For example, the swine flu of 1918 was named H1N1, while a later strain of influenza which was found to have changed its hemagglutinin molecules was named H2N1, and an even later influenza was found to have changed both its surface molecules (double antigenic shift), and was named H2N2″.

You can read the entire story here.