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Holiday Weekend

Hello world!

I am in NYC tonight and off to Houston for Labor Day with the family. I am so grateful that my family can come with me on this trip. I will try and get some information on the ballet event that I recently went to. It was really nice and I can’t wait to get to go to a full ballet performance. Yeah!

Have a great holiday tomorrow and check back later.


Everything Happens For A Reason

Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you that I always say this.

 Today, I was supposed to fly to Houston, Texas to spend the night. When I got to the airport, I found out that the aircraft was downgraded from a 90 seat passenger jet to a 50 seater. This meant that I was going to sit in the back while the junior flight attendant worked on that flight. In the m iddle of eating my salad waiting for the flight, I was paged to say that I was now needed to go to Miami, Florida. Fine. Different city, same thing.

When we got to Miami, the first officer handed me a piece of paper with a name on it. Just airline stuff with notes but who’s name could it be. Out of all of the people in the whole world, it was my Twitter friend and co-blogger, Julie. I felt like I had a celebrity on my flight!

So nice to have you on board so that you could see what I do for a paycheck aside from my hobby as a health and travel blogger.


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Will The Pool Cure A Headache?

In Ft Lauderdale for the whole day with a 6 year old that wants nothing more than to go to the pool. It’s a beautiful pool. The perfect temperature, gorgeous shape with two step in shallow ends, areas covered with palm trees  so that it’s not too hot.

Why do I want nothing more than to lay in my bed in the air-conditioning and send my husband with the boy. It’s so cute to see a child having that much fun with no cost involved.

I do remember sitting outside at my Mom’s house in the sun with a coke when I had a headache years ago. Is there something with the caffeine that can help a headache? I never have liked coca cola so I can only think it’s the caffeine. I think that I’ll make a cup of coffee and go to the pool.

Back to Real Life Temporarily

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Hello World!

I got one post in on part of the first day of Italy. Right now I am actually in Dallas, TX back at work. I was up at 4:00am their time getting in some stretch time. OK, so that’s the time I finally told myself to just get up already! Which time zone am I on? I was up at 1:00 am the first time, which would be about 8:00am Italy, like “let’s go”. No, No, No. I still have to fly to the NYC today. That’s going to be a long flight. I’m sure that I will crash at some point and my feet hurt. NEVER wear your heels without something on your feet unless you are just a glutten for punishment.

Anyway, I digress. I can’t wait to share more with you about the Italy adventure. Thanks to my husband for going with me and taking me on an incredible adventure that I would have never experienced otherwise since no one wants ME driving over there. We are so going back to those Alps!

Go Armstrong, go. I certainly could never do it.

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What Do You Do @ The Hotel

spaLife is great. I get paid to stay at hotels for a living.

If only it was to review the hotel and more importantly the hotel’s spa and food! I do not have to fly today so here I am at the hotel all day. The beach is within site (only because I know it’s there) and I can see downtown from here. Both of these things would require renting a car or a taxi and more stre

ngth than I have. There is a beautiful pool right here but I really don’t want to hang out in the sun. It’s too hot.

This morning around 10am, I ventured out. When I went outside at first, it was really nice. Not like what I expected being here in Florida. So, I sat outside and read the paper. Five minutes later when I was actually bored, I went to the g

ym and managed almost half and hour from myself in combined cardio and strength training. I like to work out with my husband more I guess because I seem to have more motivation then. Perhaps I would actually go to the pool since it was so nice when I first went outside? Yeah, right! It was then 11:30am and the heat that I expected the first time slapped me in the face. Back to the room.

Computer, stretch, computer, tv, computer, nap. I’m bored and not accomplishing anything.


So, I just went for another walk and it was really nice outside again. Just overcast enough to cool it off a bit. Ooh! Hammocks. My husband loves hammocks so I’ll give one a try. I am SO glad that no one else was out there because I am seriously hammock challenged. Once I could make it up and on t

he thing I had a hard time getting comfortable. If you can get on it, get comfortable and not swing right back off (yes, I almost did it) then I could see the appeal. Getting off was another story. For his health and mine I will suggest to J (the husband) that we don’t try to both get on one at the same time.

Now what?

Life In DCA with Obama

 A big debate about the bills that are in front of Obama and the parties trying to be passed. I am trying to listen to become more informed and yet stay out of it since I don’t know what’s going on. Where have I been with my head in the sand? Too much WordGirl I guess!

What do you know that I should??


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TSA In the News Again.

CNN for the former Clear

My husband had mentioned to me about Clear at the airport shutting down. I didn’t really think too much about it because I am usually working when I travel and wouldn’t be able to use their services. Plus, even for him, their locations really weren’t in enough cities to make it worth it for us.

Now, there’s a bigger issue to worry about and as usual when you think of problems with the airport, at least when I do, TSA is usually involved.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reported today about the problem that has the government officials wondering too. What happened to all of the personal information that was collected from the more than quarter million passengers? Verified Identity Pass, who ran the Clear kiosks at the airports, said “it will secure the personal information it gathered…” but the bigger question is what will TSA do with it? If they keep the information too long then it leaves a greater chance for a security leak as in 2007 when they lost an external hard drive containing important information of current and former agency workers.

So where does this leave their now former clients? I don’t suppose that any of these passengers will receive a refund either! I wonder if any of them have heard of LifeLock?

Here’s what the website states about your security.

no fly