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Travel and Still Save Money

Save Me Money!When I first started working for the airlines, I was too afraid to go anywhere. I didn’t have the time or money to go anywhere. It’s really expensive to travel, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be.
With the economy the way it is, that leaves room for traveling. Using sites like and (for some examples) are two such sites that can save you a fortune. I have personally used priceline for hotels and car rentals. I was able to secure a hotel in Charleston, WV that runs for around $100/nt for only $42 and a car rental in Cincinnati, Ohio for $12 a day!
I usually look for hotels that also offers at least continental breakfast and make PB&J sandwiches for later. Another blogger suggested purchasing one of those discount books for that city if you are going to be there long enough to save money on food, shopping and activities. The hotel in CRW is the Holiday Inn Express downtown. They offer a really nice breakfast, apples at the front desk, coffee and tea all day, free Internet and they are right there by the mall. There is also some low cost eats around the area, the Capital Building and public transportation. They will pick you up from the airport or train station so really, who needs a car?
I have not used however, they always have some really great deals on cruises if you can get away at the last minute! One being offered right now is a 7 day cruise on the 12th of September leaving Port Canaveral, Florida for $409 per person. It’s on Carnival and regularly runs at $1669.00 per person. That’s a 75% discount! 
One thing that I do since I travel for a living is bringing food with me. There are some things that you can and cannot bring with you so don’t forget or they will take them! Remember that you cannot bring more that 3oz each in any liquids that you may want to bring however, you can bring some milk and juice for your little ones through security at the airport. I wait for these small Organic milks to go on sale and buy some of those. They do not need to be refrigerated until opened and are really yummy. Powdered milk is great because it can be mixed up as needed and is, well, not liquid. Cereal in small boxes (grab an extra at breakfast) or separated in ‘ziplock’ bags is handy. I even use re-usable bowls with lids so that I #1, have a bowl and #2, do not crush my cereal. Some other examples are dried fruit and nuts, tuna fish or chicken breast packets and crackers (pick up mustard and mayo packs when you see them), a loaf of bread and jar of peanut butter and ready meals that do not need refrigeration to be heated later if your hotel has a microwave. If you do not want to bring a bulky loaf of bread, you can bring a package of tortillas. Laughing cow cheeses (the little triangle packages in the round container) do not need to be refrigerated until opened. If you do bring cold things or have left overs, some hotels have small refrigerators or you can bring ziplock bags to hold ice and put them on your food. I have been doing this for years and it works great.
Another thing that I do is spend a little more for lunch and take some for later. I like Ruby Tuesday’s where I get the salad bar with the mini Turkey Burger’s for only a $1 more. It’s a little more expensive but at least I know that I am eating healthy and it’s actually two meals for me. I eat a full salad bar and take the burgers with me for later. Some cities have a special ticket or card that you can get that allows you to visit more than one site for a low price and even offer coupons for food.
If you are planning on taking a cruise, you will want to remember to take all of the important stuff. At a hotel, there’s usually a corner store some where. If you are on a cruise…it’s a boat in the middle of the water! *laughing, and not sarcastically* You are at their mercy and they will not hesitate to charge you $20 for a $5 disposable camera. Bring your meds, camera and film if you need that, sunscreen, proper shoes, feminine items, and a bottle of “water” filled with vodka (or your clear liquid of choice). *again, laughing. win, wink* You will get all of the food you could possibly need. Water, coffee and tea are free. Soda, juice and liquor are NOT free. I hear that you can purchase a drink card for soda these days but I would ask your particular line of choice.
All inclusives are a good deal too, especially when you can find a great deal due to the economy. One price that may seem pricey up front but includes just about everything can save big bucks. All of your food, drinks, activities and more.
Check out for more discount ideas, even Disney World!

Holiday Weekend

Hello world!

I am in NYC tonight and off to Houston for Labor Day with the family. I am so grateful that my family can come with me on this trip. I will try and get some information on the ballet event that I recently went to. It was really nice and I can’t wait to get to go to a full ballet performance. Yeah!

Have a great holiday tomorrow and check back later.

Lamborghini Bribes the Local Police

Ha! I am just kidding. No, really!

P7162292When my husband and I recently went to Italy, we had the pleasure to visit the Lamborghini factory and museum. Actually, I only went into the museum. There was no need to spend the money on a tour of how they make them for someone who cares more about how they look than what’s inside. Of course, the husband had a job offer when he came out.

Oh yeah, it was pretty cool. Personally, I think that one of the models looked like an old Pinto. Whatever. I found one or two that even I could handle. What we were told is that there is not an actual test track there in Sant’Agata Bolognese (Italy) so they gave the police one of there own. Where this place is located they may scare a corn field or something but there’s not exactly a lot of traffic. I was hard pressed to even see any animals. Dogs galore in the bigger cities but I’m sure it’s OK around these parts. I am sure that the test drivers are professionals anyway.

One of the great things about these cars is that for the exhorbatant cost, you can get the paint and the leather to match anything you want. You want a periwinkle sports car? No problem, Lamborghini will get that made up right away. Perhaps not anytime soon but the quality will be unsurpassed. No camera’s were allowed in the factory for obvious reasons but I  was told that the workers were not in a big hurry. This could be only when the tours are coming through or it could be the Italian way of life. You won’t even find much going on between say 1pm and 4pm so don’t expect too much then. Some jobs are left to women, which has nothing to do with equality. It has to do with the smaller feminine touches that only a woman could bring to the table. I have to wonder though, what if the woman has really big hands or a man is more feminine with smaller hands? What then? I couldn’t tell you because I didn’t take that tour and I didn’t think to ask. I just think it’s pretty cool that they would care enough about the product to think or something like this.

P7162318 P7162284 P7162280 P7162290 P7162311

Is It Tomato or Tomata

As my adventures in Italy did not go the gluten free way that I had italian pizza 7-13-2009 1-20-20 AM 3072x2304planned, I dove in to a fantastic pizza sitting in the outdoor patio of a alley restaurant. I love the fact that even the alleys make for great used space and not just urinals. What was also pretty neat is that more than one of the places that we dined had dedicated pages (not a page) for different pizzas. Fried calamari and anchovies anyone?

I stuck with something pretty safe. Procuitto e funghi (mushrooms). The excitement of my first pizza in Italy was almost more than I could take but with one bite I was convinced that it was worth it. Delicate thin crisp crust, fresh mozzarella, bold tomato. Definitely full of flavor without any one taste overpowering the other.  The only thing I had to do was not gorge myself so I asked for a box to take away the slices I couldn’t (shoudn’t) finish in one sitting. After all, one must leave room for gelato.

I showed the picture to my uncle who thought it looked terrible. Come on, it’s not Papa Johns! I suppose since it wasn’t perfectly round and cooked by electric then some people would not understand. He just needs a taste.

Driving Italian Style

I thought that driving on the highways in Italy was like taking life in your own hands until we finally got to Rome. I had been to Rome before and already knewno parking problem that most of us around here couldn’t survive however, I had never been in our own vehicle there. Our compact car, a Lancia(pronounced Lahn ch e ah), was perfect in the city if not a little under-powered on the highway. Small is good. Compact, good. If you look at the picture on the right, you will notice that these little cars will park anywhere that they can find a space. And why not, right? Can you imagine if someone did that in Cincinnati? I can see the tow truck coming now! We saw scooters and motorcycles everywhere also. Why not when the streets are so narrow and parking is so difficult. On one of my walks, I even saw a quad! Are you kidding me? I guess that if you can ride it, it’s legal. One of the vehicles that I saw around Italy was a three wheel truck. Yes, I said truck.

The size of the vehicles is not the only issue. While my husband was concentrating on driving (luckily he is an amazing driver both of vehicles and motorcross bikes), I was trying to read a map and navigate. Ok, note to all: objects on the map of Rome are not as far apart as they appear! By the time that I found one thing on the map, looked down and then back up, we were already way past where we were going. It doesn’t help when your step daughter tells you the wrong side of the river but that’s what taxi’s are for. ( I love you dear) We finally just parked the car and hailed a tassi. I was told by more than one person that actually live there that they do not drive in Rome! The metro system, taxi’s, buses and more make it much easier so learn from our mistake. Please.

even a quad wins Notice scooter, quad, motorcycle      not going the wrong way This IS a two way street                                                                                                                          P7142210 These Smart Cars are perfect!





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Beach Day In Fano, Italy

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What Do You Do @ The Hotel

spaLife is great. I get paid to stay at hotels for a living.

If only it was to review the hotel and more importantly the hotel’s spa and food! I do not have to fly today so here I am at the hotel all day. The beach is within site (only because I know it’s there) and I can see downtown from here. Both of these things would require renting a car or a taxi and more stre

ngth than I have. There is a beautiful pool right here but I really don’t want to hang out in the sun. It’s too hot.

This morning around 10am, I ventured out. When I went outside at first, it was really nice. Not like what I expected being here in Florida. So, I sat outside and read the paper. Five minutes later when I was actually bored, I went to the g

ym and managed almost half and hour from myself in combined cardio and strength training. I like to work out with my husband more I guess because I seem to have more motivation then. Perhaps I would actually go to the pool since it was so nice when I first went outside? Yeah, right! It was then 11:30am and the heat that I expected the first time slapped me in the face. Back to the room.

Computer, stretch, computer, tv, computer, nap. I’m bored and not accomplishing anything.


So, I just went for another walk and it was really nice outside again. Just overcast enough to cool it off a bit. Ooh! Hammocks. My husband loves hammocks so I’ll give one a try. I am SO glad that no one else was out there because I am seriously hammock challenged. Once I could make it up and on t

he thing I had a hard time getting comfortable. If you can get on it, get comfortable and not swing right back off (yes, I almost did it) then I could see the appeal. Getting off was another story. For his health and mine I will suggest to J (the husband) that we don’t try to both get on one at the same time.

Now what?