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Letter To Cincinnati

Dear Cincinnati,

I would really like to have a pastry but I can’t find any freshly baked gluten-free ones and I don’t have time to bake any this morning! Can someone please get right on that? I can find them everywhere in Italy, so why not here??

Thanks for having them ready for us very soon.

Yours truly,


Get Your Gluten Free Items Here

Just don’t mind the cost

If you follow my other blogs, or ,
then you know that I have been studying gluten allergies and autism. I also discovered that some people diagnosed with SLE have also been found to have an allergy to gluten. So, what better research than to try than to avoid gluten for the recommended 8 weeks. OK, well, it hasn’t worked out too well so far. I did good for the first 2-3 days but broke down and baked a pizza like sandwich as soon as I got home. It was around 7:30 pm and I was really, really hungry and bread deprived. Believe it or not, it wasn’t all that I had imagined it to be. I started again the very next day and except for the small piece of pizza again on Sunday night (again because I was starving) and a pack of Biscoff cookies on the plane topped with organic peanut butter, I am doing OK. Is there such a thing as a somewhat free gluten diet?

I did find that in the more organic and healthy little shops that are popping up in some airports that I can find some better choices and even some gluten free specific items. That is, if you don’t mind paying for them. The Euro Cafe at the JFK airport in New York City had some great choices and the total including the Wildlife Dark Chocolate bad that I chose rang up to only $25! This total included, sushi, fresh edame, an Odwalla juice and a dark chocolate bar. With this, I had breakfast (I ate a pack of peanuts on the plane), lunch and a snack. Plus, the chocolate bar lasted a few days. I eat one to two squares a day for the antioxidants.

I have also shopped at Camden’s Food Co. in the Raleigh Durham, NC airport. They have a wide variety of choices there. Not a lot of gluten free options though and I wound up going for a hummus and veggie spinach wrap. There was a bag of some veggie chips that claimed to be gluten free however, there were a few servings in a bag and I’m not one for stopping at one serving. At over $3 a bag, I just took my wrap and went. I was very interested in the chocolate brownie bar that claimed to have 50% of the dairy allowance of fiber! Woo Hoo. I told the guy “Hey look, you serve poopin’ bars!” I think I made his day because he laughed and said thanks.

So, which is better, to pay less and bring it myself trying to keep everything cold for days or just pay a little more and get it there? I need some ideas that travel well. hint hint…