Will The Pool Cure A Headache?

In Ft Lauderdale for the whole day with a 6 year old that wants nothing more than to go to the pool. It’s a beautiful pool. The perfect temperature, gorgeous shape with two step in shallow ends, areas covered with palm trees  so that it’s not too hot.

Why do I want nothing more than to lay in my bed in the air-conditioning and send my husband with the boy. It’s so cute to see a child having that much fun with no cost involved.

I do remember sitting outside at my Mom’s house in the sun with a coke when I had a headache years ago. Is there something with the caffeine that can help a headache? I never have liked coca cola so I can only think it’s the caffeine. I think that I’ll make a cup of coffee and go to the pool.


2 responses to “Will The Pool Cure A Headache?

  1. Yep, it is the caffeine. It dilates the blood vessels relieving headaches.
    Chocolate is good for headaches too!

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