Goodwill Finds 9/8/2008

I love Goodwill, especially on a Saturday when things are 50% off. coffee cupsToday, I found some small coffee cups that are perfect. A little larger than an espresso cup (since my machine is not working) but smaller than a full size coffee cup. I had found 8 of them in light blue when I found a creamer cup in a pumpkin color. Then, I found two slightly larger pumpkin colored cups that are the same material, weight and inside color that matched the creamer cup. Yippy! I purchased four of the blue ones, the two orange ones and the creamer cup for the bargain price of $2.50!

I also found a perfect modern brushed stainless lamp for my room that has a dimmer built right in the on/off knob also for the bargain price of $2.50. Gotta love the half off days.

Oh yeah, and the brand new looking pair of uniform school shorts for my son for .99! These run around $10 at the “regular” store. All for a couple of months of wear. That’s a savings of $9 on something that won’t even fit next year.


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