Lamborghini Bribes the Local Police

Ha! I am just kidding. No, really!

P7162292When my husband and I recently went to Italy, we had the pleasure to visit the Lamborghini factory and museum. Actually, I only went into the museum. There was no need to spend the money on a tour of how they make them for someone who cares more about how they look than what’s inside. Of course, the husband had a job offer when he came out.

Oh yeah, it was pretty cool. Personally, I think that one of the models looked like an old Pinto. Whatever. I found one or two that even I could handle. What we were told is that there is not an actual test track there in Sant’Agata Bolognese (Italy) so they gave the police one of there own. Where this place is located they may scare a corn field or something but there’s not exactly a lot of traffic. I was hard pressed to even see any animals. Dogs galore in the bigger cities but I’m sure it’s OK around these parts. I am sure that the test drivers are professionals anyway.

One of the great things about these cars is that for the exhorbatant cost, you can get the paint and the leather to match anything you want. You want a periwinkle sports car? No problem, Lamborghini will get that made up right away. Perhaps not anytime soon but the quality will be unsurpassed. No camera’s were allowed in the factory for obvious reasons but I  was told that the workers were not in a big hurry. This could be only when the tours are coming through or it could be the Italian way of life. You won’t even find much going on between say 1pm and 4pm so don’t expect too much then. Some jobs are left to women, which has nothing to do with equality. It has to do with the smaller feminine touches that only a woman could bring to the table. I have to wonder though, what if the woman has really big hands or a man is more feminine with smaller hands? What then? I couldn’t tell you because I didn’t take that tour and I didn’t think to ask. I just think it’s pretty cool that they would care enough about the product to think or something like this.

P7162318 P7162284 P7162280 P7162290 P7162311


2 responses to “Lamborghini Bribes the Local Police

  1. I’m really bombing you’re blog today 😀
    just wanted to say one of the Lambo models heavily inspired the Pinto, so actually the Pinto looked like a lambo, and not the other way around

    • That’s Ok! I love it that someone reads something I wrote. Actually, I have talked to people from other countryies regarding this blog. I hear a lot about you so I look forward to reading more of your stuff. I have a lot more to wrote about italy and if anyone knows how we can move there, i’d be most grateful. LOL!

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