Is It Tomato or Tomata

As my adventures in Italy did not go the gluten free way that I had italian pizza 7-13-2009 1-20-20 AM 3072x2304planned, I dove in to a fantastic pizza sitting in the outdoor patio of a alley restaurant. I love the fact that even the alleys make for great used space and not just urinals. What was also pretty neat is that more than one of the places that we dined had dedicated pages (not a page) for different pizzas. Fried calamari and anchovies anyone?

I stuck with something pretty safe. Procuitto e funghi (mushrooms). The excitement of my first pizza in Italy was almost more than I could take but with one bite I was convinced that it was worth it. Delicate thin crisp crust, fresh mozzarella, bold tomato. Definitely full of flavor without any one taste overpowering the other.  The only thing I had to do was not gorge myself so I asked for a box to take away the slices I couldn’t (shoudn’t) finish in one sitting. After all, one must leave room for gelato.

I showed the picture to my uncle who thought it looked terrible. Come on, it’s not Papa Johns! I suppose since it wasn’t perfectly round and cooked by electric then some people would not understand. He just needs a taste.


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