Beach Day In Fano, Italy

fano beachWe chose to drive down the east coast of Italy to try and find the TM motocross factory. At first, it was all autostrada (highway) driving however the drive eventually led us along the coast and overlooking the Adriatic Sea. There were cars packing the sides of the road in specially reserved areas just for this. Driving a bit more down the street and following the signs for parking proves to be a good move. I was then pleased that we were not able to find a space earlier since this seemed to be the main entrance into this part of the beach. At a certain point,car access curved to the left and allowed only space for tourists and locals alike. Colorful hotels and gellateria’s line the sidewalk. Small shops and caffe’s offer their goods. Suddenly the street opens up to an endless view of blue and yellow umbrella’s and the transportation of choice.

As I walked even closer, my excitement built. This was like nothing I have ever seen and I missed my son even more. It was settled. This is where we are moving! (until later when we drive through the mountains) To my left, I see rows of bicycles in every size and color. To the right, a sweet playground right in the sand in front of individual small houses just perfect for changing into your suit.  This beach is definitely catered to the pampered crowd. Boardwalks run in rows straight toward the water and on the outside of the chairs made it easier to walk in the sand and ensure a clear path to the surf. Chaise chairs covered by umbrellas allow just the right amount of sun and each have a personal holder for what ever you wish. Drink cups and ashtrays too. Even the back on each chair can be flipped forward to cover it’s occupants face during the strong sun.

fano beach

I usually do not go to the beach anymore. I am from Florida so it’s something that I did until my 20’s. I am quite a beach snob though and will not go in if I cannot see my feet. Ok, so the appropriate term is probably  beach phobia! Or would it be, slimy things touching my feet phobic? Anyway, I digress. The soft sand sifted ever so gently between my toes and was a relieving cushion to the day before walking. The water clear and cool. Of course, J jumps right in and the kids are farther out than I can even imagine going as I stand there close to the sand. After a little unwarranted, yet appreciated, persuasion from J, I am coaxed in the water a bit further. The problem is that back home, I am not strong enough to brave the surf. Here though, not only CAN you see your feet but the water goes out quite far without getting too deep. Also, since the Adriatic Sea is a body of water that separates  the Italian Peninsula from the Balkan peninsula, there are no annoying waves to knock me down! Finally a beach where I could actually bring my boy and play in the water with him. You can see why we wish he were here.

This day was really very nice. Much better than the beach we went to last trip off of Rome. I definitely will be back.  Arrivaderci for now.


2 responses to “Beach Day In Fano, Italy

  1. Love the photos- have never traveled abroad so I love to see pics/read bout the travels of others.

    Thanks for visiting my food blog. Love to meet new foodies!

    • I never ate so much Procuitto in my life! Or gelato in one day. I wanted so badly to take a cooking class in one of the cities but last minute I either missed the times, there was already no availability or it cost way too many Euros. That’s what coming home is for now I guess. My bigger goal is to bake GF after seeing all they offer there. Thanks and keep in touch. I added you as a shortcut so that I can’t lose you in the mix since that’s my motto too. All in moderation!

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