What Do You Do @ The Hotel

spaLife is great. I get paid to stay at hotels for a living.

If only it was to review the hotel and more importantly the hotel’s spa and food! I do not have to fly today so here I am at the hotel all day. The beach is within site (only because I know it’s there) and I can see downtown from here. Both of these things would require renting a car or a taxi and more stre

ngth than I have. There is a beautiful pool right here but I really don’t want to hang out in the sun. It’s too hot.

This morning around 10am, I ventured out. When I went outside at first, it was really nice. Not like what I expected being here in Florida. So, I sat outside and read the paper. Five minutes later when I was actually bored, I went to the g

ym and managed almost half and hour from myself in combined cardio and strength training. I like to work out with my husband more I guess because I seem to have more motivation then. Perhaps I would actually go to the pool since it was so nice when I first went outside? Yeah, right! It was then 11:30am and the heat that I expected the first time slapped me in the face. Back to the room.

Computer, stretch, computer, tv, computer, nap. I’m bored and not accomplishing anything.


So, I just went for another walk and it was really nice outside again. Just overcast enough to cool it off a bit. Ooh! Hammocks. My husband loves hammocks so I’ll give one a try. I am SO glad that no one else was out there because I am seriously hammock challenged. Once I could make it up and on t

he thing I had a hard time getting comfortable. If you can get on it, get comfortable and not swing right back off (yes, I almost did it) then I could see the appeal. Getting off was another story. For his health and mine I will suggest to J (the husband) that we don’t try to both get on one at the same time.

Now what?


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