TSA In the News Again.

CNN for the former Clear

My husband had mentioned to me about Clear at the airport shutting down. I didn’t really think too much about it because I am usually working when I travel and wouldn’t be able to use their services. Plus, even for him, their locations really weren’t in enough cities to make it worth it for us.

Now, there’s a bigger issue to worry about and as usual when you think of problems with the airport, at least when I do, TSA is usually involved.

The Cincinnati Enquirer reported today about the problem that has the government officials wondering too. What happened to all of the personal information that was collected from the more than quarter million passengers? Verified Identity Pass, who ran the Clear kiosks at the airports, said “it will secure the personal information it gathered…” but the bigger question is what will TSA do with it? If they keep the information too long then it leaves a greater chance for a security leak as in 2007 when they lost an external hard drive containing important information of current and former agency workers.

So where does this leave their now former clients? I don’t suppose that any of these passengers will receive a refund either! I wonder if any of them have heard of LifeLock?

Here’s what the flyclear.com website states about your security.

no fly


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