Packing In Today’s Life of Airline Travel

Pack like this if you want to pay for it. Personally, I’d rather not. I have seen some pieces of luggage large enough to carry a body in it and the airlines have had enough. One thing that no one thinks about is that all of that weight costs money. The weight of the luggage causes more weight on the aircraft, which costs more in fuel and more in injuries to the ramp agents that have to lift the bags. Ok, fine. Sometimes you just need all of that stuff, right?

Wrong! It’s not only a burden on the airlines but a burden on your body (or your spouse).

I made that mistake once. Perhaps more than once but one time in particular comes to mind. In the mid 90’s, I took my first trip to Europe. I carried more than one piece of luggage abroad and wound up leaving one there. Two bags dragging around the city of Paris, up an unbelievable narrow winding staircase and into a room not much bigger than a standard bedroom here in the US.

My back hurt. My feet hurt and I kept tripping over the bags.

Now, any time I go anywhere but especially overseas, I carry a lot smarter. Where a nice, yet comfortable outfit on the plane that can double as an outfit there. What you need to bring will obviously depend on the weather. For the trip I plan to take to Italy in July, I will bring a light sleeveless dress and a light sweater. That can make two different outfits. A pair of wrinkly free khaki pants, a short sleeve shirt and a light long sleeve for night. I usually only wear one pair of shoes but I think that I will bring two this time because I like to dress nice on the aircraft and I would like to have some sandles for some outdoor trips. Plenty of undergarments and small toiletries. I can fit my things in to a back pack! Wrinkle free is your friend.

Europe is not a third world country so you can get anything you need there. They have stores with all of toiletries you could possibly need and some of the best cosmetics and face creams in the world. REMINDER: TSA will take away any liquids or gels over 3oz.

Remember a power converter if you are not sure if your accommodations already have one. One of the hotels that we stayed in, was unbelievable small, with uncomfortable beds and cold showers. Our friends stayed at a HI and had the same accommodations as the US including the typical hairdryer, coffee maker and clothes iron. This reminds me that I still haven’t picked my own hotel. Any suggestions?


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