A Day Off In My Life

I’ve been spoiled by the last two weeks. I haven’t been feeling well so I dropped a couple of trips. This just means that someone else is working those trips and I do not get paid. Unfortunately, sick calls are frowned upon and you only get a certain amount a year. No worries. Until I get my paycheck that is.

So, tomorrow is my only day off this week after hardly working the last two. What will I do?

8am                   Get son ready for camp
9am                   Drop him off to camp
10am                 Doctors appt to see why I’ve been so ill
11am                  Early lunch with hubby
12noon            Chiropractor appointment
1230-430pm Work on the computer, find my camera battery
charger cord, pack for Wednesday, plan dinner,
clean the house, and take a nap? Doubt it!
500pm           Pick son up from camp
530pm            Dinner
600pm            Read a book or three
700pm           TBA
800pm           Get son ready for bed
900pm           Son in bed
1000pm       Put me in bed so that I can go back to
work tomorrow.

This was actually last weeks post that I never got to publish because that one day off proved to be not enough time! I did work that three day trip.

When I got home on that third day (actually night), I made myself some dinner and got a few things ready to go up to Podcamp in Columbus the next morning. Too early in the morning but it was great. Thanks to my friend that went with me.

The next day was Father’s Day, so I cleaned like crazy since my step-children were coming over.

Note to self: PLEASE for the love of God will you remember to take an allergy pill before “de-kittying” the living room!

I got dressed, crafted cards with the younger child, made breakfast and enjoyed some time with all of the kids and my wonderful husband. We then returned the shoes they got him for a different size and then off to Graeter’s. I really do think that is our tradition because we go quite often when they come down. Then, home to rest.

Our youngest child and I went to the library while daddy rested a bit. And of course, that night the sore throat began. ugh. The next day was shot because of my cleaning adventures. Anyone know a cheap housekeeper that can “de-kitty” for me once a week?

I was supposed to go to work yesterday but had to call in [with what voice I had left] yes, sick. That paycheck is really going to be discouraging next month but it had to be done. Do you really want to be on a flight with a hacking runny nose flight attendant?

Now, I have a lot of days off. If only I could enjoy them more. May be next week.


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