Is This Bed Bug Season?

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I just couldn’t bare to put up a pictures of an actual bed bug. Yuck! If you really need to see a picture and get a great “what to do” if you do find bed bugs in your home please visit The Bedbug Blog.

Through some further research, the last actual EPAmeeting was back in April 2009. What this means though is that there is a big enough problem that the EPA needed to meet regarding these nasty little creatures. They bite, leave itchy red marks that can leace a scar. And, just like fleas, they can spread and cause more problems if not cared for properly.

Where does this leave you if you want to travel but are afraid of what might be waiting for you to ruin your trip. Taking a few minutes to follow some simple steps can save your trip and your skin.

When I get into the room, the first thing that I do is to place my suitcase up on a table while I get the stand out of the closet. Put a towel on it if you please and keep your bag up off of the floor and away from the bed.

Then, for more reasons than just bed bugs, remove the conforter and place it back in the corner out of the way. Pull down the sheets and look for signs of bed bugs. Small brownish-black shells or spots smaller than a poppy seed. These small creatures like to live under seams and under the mattress tag so, be extra vigillant about these areas. Check the headboard also, especially if it’s fabric.

It’s a good idea to keep your clothes and bags away from the bed area and off of the floor just in case and wash/dryclean them when you come home. When I get home, I never take my suitcase up to my bedroom. It stays downstairs and gets repacked for each trip.

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