Am I Ready For Summer?

Over 11 years in Ohio and I think that I am officially  a snow bird! What happened? I grew up in Florida and yet I cannot handle it when it gets too hot. It’s not as bad when you can wear whatever you need to and stay in the shade. I however, work in lined black wool. I just picked up the skirt that I can wear with a white shirt. Not so bad, right. And yet, I am still hot! I remember the day when I thought I was going to die because I was freezing. Oh, how things change.
Is there a cream I can use? A pill to take? OK, fine. Water, Water, Water. This is fine for the inside, but how am I supposed to stay professional at work while sweating, standing at the aircraft door wishing everyone a great flight? Or trying to act oh so excited about playing ball outside with a child that is cold when it’s 74 degrees. I’m melting already and it’s only June.
Please help with your suggestions for fighting the heat when your clad in wool and stockings or running a game of chase.The Thinker

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