Staying Healthy While Traveling

I read a great article today that I found while on Twitter. Inspiration comes from all places. The article, found on Girls get away guide talks about different ways that you can eat right and exercise while you are traveling. Simple things like stretching your legs when you can (driving) and healthy snacks to bring. Some of this is harder to do when you are flying thanks to TSA.

I have had a couple of surgeries where I have collected a variety of therapy bands. Each color is a different strength and I use them for different exercises. These are great for when I am waiting for the gate to send out my passengers. I thread one side of a band through a handle in galley and with both hands pull straight back like rowing. I use these in my hotel room on my legs.

Another thing that I do either while on the aircraft or in my room is pretend like I’m sitting in an imaginary chair with my back against the wall. This one I learned from another flight attendant and is very difficult for me. I just need to do it more often.

I really like this new blog and for more than just the sweepstakes! Check it out for yourself and stay healthy no matter where you are.
Girls Getaway Guide



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