The Flying Public Beware

I was sitting in Recurrent Ground for the flight attendant class listening to the other flight attendants talking and cackling around me. Come to find out as I am reminded each and every year I am not the only one. I hear stories about the passengers that think that just because their bag fit on the last flight, it is going to fit on this one. Just because the person’s bag before them didn’t fit, there’s will.
Personally, I do not even want to bother trying to get my bag to fit. You may call it lazy or you may call it experienced. Either way, I know that I do not want to drag my bags up the stairs or down the aisle or fight to get them back off after the flight. The airline I work for has this amazing benefit called “pink-tagging”. It’s like using the valet service for your car except it’s for your bag and you don’t even have to tip.

Another thing that we all seem to have the pleasure of dealing with is alcohol. I have passengers that feels it’s life or death to have a drink on a half an hour flight. They also seem to think that either I am rich or the company gives us change before each flight. I remember one passenger handed me a $100 bill for his drink.

A $5 drink!

Was he crazy? I didn’t have a hundred dollars to my name, no less change. Those days we were able to get away with comping a drink if the passenger did not have a the correct change. No longer an option ladies and gentlemen. Along with the price increase to $7 a drink, we expect you to be the wise traveler that you need t be to survive these days.

Remember that if you are smart, you can avoid all of the extra charges. Don’t bring too much stuff or it could cost you big time to check that bag! Don’t bring large bottles of anything liquid or gel that TSA will simply relieve you of and promptly throw away. I was just traveling to my Mom’s for pleasure and had a few things taken away. I haven’t travelled out of uniform in so long that even I forgot. 3oz each and in a separate zip-lock bag. Bring dry snacks so tha you do not have to spend a fortune in the airport or a plane ride starving because if there is something other than peanuts and cookies, there will be a charge.

This all sounds terrible however, did you all notice GM going bankrupt? Too many expenses. We took a huge cut in pay and work more for usually minimum wage (by the time you figure in all of it) and the passengers are going to have to pay for all of the luxuries that used to be free. I will personally make sure that if you are on my plane, you will get there safely and with the biggest smile because I am happy to see you!




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