Delta and NWA Travel Update ***TIP***

Hello World!

I wanted to give everyone a little info on what to do if you are traveling on a NW flight.

Yesterday on my flight from JFK to MSP (Minneapolis), there were quite a few upset passengers. Apparently, their tickets showed that they were flying on a NWA flight. So, they went to terminal 4 where NWA is located. The problem is that COMAIR (Delta Airlines) is now servicing these flights since NWA is now Delta. The one’s that left enough time to get themselves to the airport were simply inconvenienced. The ones who did not, were inconvenienced and exhausted by then having to run to terminal 3.

While I realize that this is an inconveniece to everyone, including the employees, I still feel bad that these passengers were not notified ahead of time. I hate to see my passengers upset for unnecessary reasons. This is not however a good reason to take it out on your flight attendants, who are simply trying to make your flight the best that they can!

Please be patient with the companies while they merge everything as quickly as possible and check in advance if you are flying on the original Delta or the soon to be Delta flights.

TIP: If you are flying on a NWA flight, call ahead to see who is servicing the flight so that you know what terminal to go to.


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