Cincy-Cinco, Fountain Square’s Cinco de Mayo Festival

I don’t run and I wanted to go to Church, so we skipped the Flying Pig Marathon. Looks like it was great weather for it though. Not too hot or dry. What do I know though since I don’t run.
We did go to cincy-cinco though and had a great time.

Since Latin music and food is one of my favorites, this was a must not miss event. I was suppose to work, I admit it but I had been so tired all week and had a sore throat. This meant, I had exactly two days to get some rest and no alcohol at the festival. Of course, I can’t pay $4 for a beer anyway. If you actually like the stuff then it was a nice option that it was available. Considering that there was a lot of stuff going on, it’s not that bad of a price I suppose.

This year was the sixth annual cincy-cinco festival and was held on Fountain Square. The square has quite developed since the renovations that happened around 2007. Check out the website for more information on what all is offered and upcoming events.

The event celebrates all Latin American culture and not just Mexican. I even saw Caribbean food! I did not partake on this day however, I used to live in Florida so I already know about the cuisine after visiting some of the islands. Dancers for Panama, Peru and Columbia and a special return visit of the Ballet Horizontes from Chicago with their excellent representation of Mexican dances. This and more was read on the flyer’s handed out by volunteers. You can check out the website for more details on who was there here.

What I really enjoyed about the festival is that there was something for everyone. I really enjoyed the music and even though I didn’t have any, I really enjoyed seeing the Latin food. It smelled really good and the prices were very reasonable. They has tacos for about $2 each, which are comparable to the prices where we go for Mexican. Platters were around $5-$6. The beers were a bit expensive for my tastes at $4 each. I was a little busy following my 6 year old son around to enjoy it anyway.

For the little ones, they had a children’s area with some games and prizes. Crafts and even potted flowers just in time for Mother’s Day. For guests of all ages, there were other games as well. My son’s favorite’s, spinning the wheels for a prize and even some free gifts handed out in bags.

Kroger and PNC were the two big sponsors that I saw there and were really making a big presence. One thing that I thought was really fantastic is how PNC really went above the usual games and handouts to have a kids booth. Children dressed up in different outfits showing what they may want to do “when they grow up”. Of course, the little girls chose princesses and my son chose a police officer. Once they had on the dress up clothes, their picture was taken and set up in a magnet that displayed PNC on it. Very nice actually and really cute. It looks like my son is standing on the street in front of a cruiser. And, the picture is proudly hanging on the fridge.
For those that took a red balloon, they could go into Macy’s for 25% off all day! Not a bad deal. Other sponsors included Children’s Hospital, who gave my son a nice bike helmet (much nicer than the one he rode down with) and was promoting safe riding. Thank you to those volunteers and all of the sponsors and volunteers that helped to make this a great day.
If you missed this years festivities, next year is a must.

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