Here’s The Only Thing Remotely Funny About the Swine Flu.

First, let me say that I am not mocking the Israelites! I do however, think it’s quite funny what’s been going on in the Middle East regarding the “Swine Flu”.

A little background first, I love pork. Yum Yum and I have a great recipe for it. I have stopped eating it though now that I read in the Bible that we are not supposed to eat it. This post is NOT meant to spark a religious discussion (although any information would be appreciated from someone that really knows about the topic). I like meat and I like pork. I also completely believe in God and the Bible. If He says no, the answer is No.

Now that that’s out of the way! Just one of the groups reporting on it is World News Australia (OK, where did I find that one. of course!) Apparently, they were calling it the “Mexican Flu” because according to Judaism, pork is banned. I understand why it’s banned but come on people you can’t just go around re-naming world-wide issues to serve your own purposes. Nobody called SARS, the “Chinese Flu”!

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