Back On The 50 and Lovin’ Savannah

Hello World!

Last night was the first time in a long time that I worked on the company’s 50 seat Canadair Regional Jet. The funny part is that the passengers complained less about how small the plane was than the passengers on the 700 and 900 series jets. The 900 has first class and they still freak out. If one more person calls is a “puddle jumper” I am going to freak out myself.

I actually really liked it. The big difference is the age of the aircraft and the fact that the 50 seat has only one flight attendant. Yeah, sure the 70 and 90 seat (even though they do not actually have that many seats) are newer and technically nicer, however, it was really kind of a nice change of pace to back to my old friend. I felt a kind of peace and re-connection with my passengers. I love talking to the people and hearing about their day. I liked not being distracted from their needs. Very cool. The poor 50 seat jet gets a bad rap these days but don’t knock it!

The landing surely was a lot smoother. Perhaps it was just the drivers. Um, I mean pilots. The back is as noisy as I remember but not nearly as bad as the time my son and I were behind the engines on a 737 and it made the boy cry it was so loud. This is not a fact that I could dare even point out to the two lovely ladies in the back that acted as if the world was coming to an end because the website claimed a 737 on the LGA to SAV route. Hey ladies, I lost a couple octaves years ago on the Brasilla. Now, that was something to complain about!

Anyway, I love this hotel! If you are ever in Savannah, GA, keep in mind the Staybridge Suites near the airport. Nice, friendly, gorgeous hotel. It is an actual suite with a small living area and a kitchen with an electric two burner stove, full size small refrigerator and all of the cookware right in your room. There’s even a dishwasher. Plus, free breakfast and light dinners during the week. They even have better tv than the bigger hotels! I just looked over in a daze and noticed it’s a priority club hotel so bonus for those of you that can collect points.

I am going to go back to New York City in a little while and then to Charleston, SC. Woo hoo! Hopefully today will be as good as yesterday.


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