Travel Life Is Getting Harder and Harder

Do any of you ever get headaches?

I used to get them once or twice a month. You know the kind where you can barely keep your eyes open to bright lights. Your head feels like it’s going to explode. Well, now I am getting them a couple times a week!

When I am at home, I can simply lay down and take it easy. When I am on the road, it gets a little trickier. A couple of weeks ago, I actually called in sick. In a different state! Very strange from the ones that I usually get. It came on very quickly and then was gone. Great, right? No such luck! It came and went, came and went. For two days.

I have been doing a lot of research, which I will post on the other blog. For this purpose, I wanted to share some of my thoughts and findings.

It’s hard to be my usual chipper self when I have a virtual knife stabbing me in my right eye and it hurts to smile. I have to find a fine balance between being nice and as still as possible. When I do not need to be in the public’s view, I place a bag of ice on my face, head and neck in brief intervals. I snack constantly in between bouts of nausea and try to stay hydrated. For some reason it feels really good to slowly bite down into a peanut. And, sweets taste the best at this time. I definitely have a sweet tooth, however, I am surprised by how the taste is heightened when I am sick!?

When I can get to my room at the hotel or inbetween flights, it helps to be cool and in a dark place with my eyes shut and as still as I can. I did discover though that laying down for too long can backfire and make it worse. One thing I did find that worked well was taking a hot shower with a bag of ice on my head. I know that sounds strange but the blood is pulsing in my head and I want it somewhere else!

I take with me Imitrex and Sudafed but so far these have not helped. So, what’s a girl to do? For now, I plan to keep up the research and keep a journal. I think I’ll call the chiropractor tommorrow and get a massage. Now, that sounds like a plan!


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