Would You Believe This?

OK, Work life started out as a typical 4 day trip staying in New York City (LaGuardia) on the first night, Kansas City on the second night and New Orleans on the third night.

We made it to NYC on the first night. The second day we were taking passengers to Kansas City when a freezing rain and snow storm forced the airport to shut down. We are in the air people! No worries, Omaha opened their arms and runways to all of those that cannot land in MCI. We did finally make it to Kansas City about 4 hours later.


passenger tip: if you are waiting for your flight and you are leaving the gate area like you were told not to do, let the gate agent know where you are going!

Some of my passengers missed the additional flight to Kansas City because they left the gate and there’s the small detail that the female passenger told me that she was “not taking another flight that day.” So, how was I to know that they were missing and didn’t just take the bus that the airline was arranging for? Hmm, bus 2 hour ride (when it finally came to pick you up) or plane 33 minutes.

The next day was even more fun. Sunday’s flights were to travel to LGA again and then to New Orleans with over 14 hours on the ground. The problem is that the plane coming in due to weather in New York City was late and then the La Guardia airport was holding back aircraft because of visibility. We arrived in NYC 3 hours after we were scheduled to leave for new Orleans. By the time it was all ‘said and done’ and I was in my room it was after 1:00 am cst.

The crew reported for our Monday exactly 8 hours later, well rested of course. I must say, the passengers were very polite and understanding. For that I say thank you. Even with delays, fatigue and some seriously sore legs things weren’t too bad. I released three hours earlier than I would have originally and three hours more than I would have with the revised Monday schedule.


3 responses to “Would You Believe This?

  1. i wanted to say welcome to MBC! πŸ™‚

  2. Hi!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and responding to my post on raw milk. If I come across any information about raw milk & health benefits on systemic lupus I will definitely pass it your way. God bless you in your journey with this illness.

    I would love to be a flight attendant and be able to travel to all these amazing places. It's cool to see you recount about your trips. πŸ™‚

    Oh! And welcome to MBC! I'm a member there as well.

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