Waffle House, Really?

OK, so this was the day, or at least the morning before I started the Raw Food phase of my lifestyle. It’s funny how when we travel, we always wind up at either a Waffle House or a Chinese restaurant. I have eaten Chinese food in Paris, France and Rome, Italy! And, Waffle House on driving trips. The day I see a Waffle House in Europe is the day I stay home! Don’t do it PLEASE. McDonalds is already out of control. It is fun to sit at the counter and easy because I already know what I want to eat when I am there.

It’s like our very own little traditions. Of course when you eat at Waffle House, do you get the cheese eggs and raisin toast (me) or the pecan waffles (Joe) or just a plain ole’ traditional waffle like Michael?

Whatever you choose to eat there’s always room to learn. We used the tip to try and show Michael that four quarters equal a “paper” dollar. I think the poor waitress lost a quarter in the deal though because I found two in my son’s pocket that night and he had one that morning. All he knows is that if one quarter gets one piece of candy then two has to be better!

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