At Least I Have My Books

I never was one for reading. I found it boring and difficult when the words would blend together because of my eyes. I got a kidney transplant in 2007 and I am now able to read. In fact, I always have at least a few books from the library at one time.

When I started blogging a lot more, I also started reading more of other people’s blogs. One that I found is by a woman named Jen Lancaster. She has no idea who I am one of the many people that think she is great. In her first book ‘Bitter is the New Black’, Jen writes how she was vice president at an invesment research firm with everything she thought she wanted to being unemplyed to blogging about her life to writing books. She still lives in Chicago. Now on book four, ‘Pretty In Plaid’, Jen is a busy woman really doing what she loves and loving her life.

So far I have read this first book and have started on the second, ‘Bright Lights, Big Ass’. It’s even funnier that the first, which was very inspirational. The titles alone tell you the sense of humor she has and I can tell you she is very funny and sounds like the best kind of friend you would want to have.

Jen, thanks for getting me through the last four days of a very drawn out working trip!


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