Why Michael will NOT be in school today.

Good Principal Jansen.

I am emailing you just in case between the time change here in New Orleans and pure exhaustion I forget to call in the morning. 😦

I had the bright idea that Joe and Michael should come with me to Kansas City, MO Saturday night because I was there for 24 hours. They should have been home around 1:30pm today (Sunday). Instead they just got on a Greyhound Bus around 10:00pm and will not be home until around noon tommorrow. I feel so bad for those two. I won’t even go into my scheduling snafoo’s here at Comair. Ha!

Joe said that Michael will just be late tommorrow but apparently he has a worse sense of time than I do. I am sure after 12 hours of busing it and three bus changes through out the night that Michael will not be in for less than 3 hours of school. Perhaps I will have Michael do a project on his first encounter with GreyHound. Again, ha ha.

Have a great day and Michael will be there on Tuesday. I appologize for the mistake since I totally forgot it was Spring Break.



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