This Is My Life

I realize that this is not new news, I still have to vent.

Tommorrow, my crew and I are supposed to be dead head (fly somewhere to work a flight) to Atlanta, work Atlanta to Chicago and then Chicago to Cincinnati. When we got to La Guardia today, the lead flight attendant was told to contact scheduling. They changed her and the pilots to working New Orleans to LaGuardia and then LaGuardia to Cincinnati.

I (in a moment of craziness) assumed that I was changed also. Did I have a reason to think that they would only change the three of us and not all four? We arrive in new Orleans to find out that there is another flight attendant waiting for the van to pick her up also. Guess where she’s going? Yep, with them tommorrow. I am still doing the original trip.

So, first back up. They took the reserve flight attendant off of the trip on day 2 to DH the original FA in to pick up the rest of the trip when she called in well. Then the DH the “new” FA from Cincinnati to Atlanta and then DH her form Atlanta to New Orleans to fly with MY CREW tommorrow. They are then going to DH another completely different FA in to Atlanta to pick up the original trip.

I won’t even bore you with how Craig in scheduling tried to explain it because I will spare any good reputation he may have.

So far in three days, I have had three different First Officers (I won’t even go there but it involves reserves and DH) and now three different Flight Attendants on just one 4 day trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Boy if they only had 5 days. Guys, put down the crack!


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