This is a Typical Day in the Life of a Flight Attendant After a Winter Storm.

This picture is from my friend Kaysi in South Carolina!

What’s worse than a snowstorm in the north?
A snowstorm in the south.
This may sound like a riddle; however, it’s exactly what happened last Sunday. Snow fells as far south as Alabama leaving some cities covered in as much as a foot of the white stuff.
Since moving to Ohio, I have watched both sides of the equation. Schools that have closed at the possibility of snow and untreated streets leaving commuters stranded when Mother Nature brought more than she suggested. Imagine the surprise of children and adults alike that either had never seen snow or certainly never thought they would see it in their own back yard.
That Sunday I was working a Florida route. Cincinnati to Tampa and back again. Our flight pattern took us right over the storms in Georgia that left the Atlanta airport shut down and the flights at times quite turbulent. Although not for the faint at heart, the passengers were happy to be going home. As I watched the news that night, they showed the storms were heading up to the east coast. Exactly where I was going to be over the next three days.
Monday morning I watched the Today show as they reported from the streets of Manhattan. Personally, I do not think it looked that bad yet the airports were all shut down. Later in the day I was scheduled to catch a ride to Philadelphia to work a flight down to Atlanta. The two flights prior to mine were cancelled.
My 3:30 flight turned into 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:00pm…
We were finally told that our Philly to Atlanta was cancelled. So, as Cheryl and I talked about taking the next flight straight to Atlanta, we got a better offer. The first officer asked if we wanted to ferry an aircraft to Atlanta with him and the captain. With a quick call to scheduling, we had a chance to actually get in earlier than originally planned. Of course, this is the Atlanta Hartsfield airport we are still talking about.
So far today, Tuesday, everything is going pretty smoothly. We are only about a half hour behind. With the weather catch up, this is not bad. I am just thankful that we are able to help some of these passengers get home who have been waiting since Sunday. Hopefully, I won’t have to edit this part later to include how I jinx myself!
Ok, it’s Wednesday (March 3rd,2009) and sure enough it happened. I wrote the previous paragraph yesterday before we boarded for Newark.
Does Murphy love anyone else?
The gate agent sent down the passengers for our last flight of the night around 8:30pm. More Atlanta passengers exhausted from their vacations to far away and exotic destinations heading back to Jersey to reality. At least this group had the luck to stay away long enough to avoid getting stuck due to cancellations. The family sitting in the far back with me just came from the Turks and Caicos. I am so totally jealous since this is one on my to go to destination list. Unfortunately for them, I got too excited about getting in on time. Our new “wheels up time”, which means the time we are allowed to take off, has now been delayed for over an hour.
Note to self: Wait until you are at the hotel in your room before you make comments on how the day is going!

Thanks to some quick and savvy thinking, we were able to re-board the passenger that had been de-planed earlier and pushed away from the gate. By time they got us all together and we taxied out, our wait wasn’t that bad and off we went. Some short holding time just south of Newark and we got to the airport just after midnight.
Only one flight left from Newark back to Cincinnati. We report in less than an hourand the captain just called. Our plane broke in Sarasota, Florida. it has been fixed but it left there late, which means we will leave here late. Ugh! Thank goodness I have a few days off after this.
I will not comment any more on the last day of my trip until I am finally home…


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