Have you bought a new piece of luggage lately?

I have not bought any luggage lately and it’s getting pretty pitiful! I have two rolling suitcases and neither are anything to write home about. The first one has a blown out wheel that doesn’t roll. This makes for a long and heavy day! The other one makes wierd noises [which at least let’s you know I am coming] and is falling apart. If it wasn’t an essential tool for my job who would care right? I am just a flight attendant after all.

I see the other attendants walking around with ebags suitcases. I am thinking about buying a suitcase from them and am hoping for some suggestions or reviews. I have purchased from them before and have included some links in here for you to check them out.

One thing that I like is the fact that you can buy just about everything right from them. If only they would sell shoes! Hint, hint. The do offer eco-friendly bags and computer bags. I saw the one that I like, which allows the traveler to get through TSA without taking their laptop completely out and seperated.

Ok. I will keep asking around since this is a big purchase for me and I need some shoes too.


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