Ebook a must for travelers.

One thing that I have noticed more and more during my travels (and would love myself) are those electric books.
One option I have seen on my surfing the Amazon.com site is the Kindle & now the Kindle 2. I like this one solely because I would not have to carry around my laptop to read a book and the Kindle 2 is wireless on the 3G network. The Amazon website boasts how thin this ebook reader is at only over 1/3 of an inch and weighing only 10.2 ounces. I have read books that weigh more than that! It allows you to get books in 60 seconds and read for days. My computer’s battery would last a couple hours if I was lucky. And, my favorite, it can read to you. So, when you really want to ignore the person next to you or you really want to read more but your eyes are burning, this would come in very handy.
One way this could be especially handy is to download language books to have with you while overseas. No more carrying around heavy travel and language guides. I’ll have to keep an eye on this one for my next personal trip….

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